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White flowers are never truly white. Keep this in mind when ordering from your florist. A competent designer will guide you to the best flowers and  shades of white to compliment your skin tone, gown and color scheme.

Of course there is a insider trick to color matching. One of best inventions is a floral paint from “Design Master”. Designed with weddings and parties in mind and available in all shades and intensities of the rainbow this tool has become a designer and Bride’s best friend. Learn more about this fabulous product by visiting the Design Master website.

While most of you realize that Mother Nature does  not offer flowers in true white, at least not as white as your bridal gown; don’t be distressed. We do have a few options! We have created a brief list below.

jumbo white hydrangea
hybrid lilies (casablanca)
calla lilies
asiatic lilies
garden roses
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  • Pink Bouquets

Clockwise from left to right:

Roses: standard and miniature, peonies, dahlia buds and miniature calla lilies.

Roses: standard and miniature with ¾ wrapped stems.

White hydrangea with miniature pink roses.

Roses: “Verdi” variegated pink and white.

Peonies, creme roses and queen annes lace.

Roses: hot pink, white dendrobium orchids and green berries.

Roses: deep pink with dark red calla lilies.

Roses: pale pink and crème.

Roses: “Bianca Candy” and pink tulips.

Peonies: dark pink and snapdragon tips.

Roses: “Hot Princess”, gerbera daisies and green viburnum.

Roses: “Anna” variety.

Center Photo: Pink peonies and green cymbidium orchids.

  • Pink Boutonnieres:

Clockwise from left to right:

Assorted foliage in shades of green and pink

Rose with hydrangea and seeded eucalyptus berries

Rose with stephanotis and plumosa greenery

Ranunculus and lily of the valley continue reading…

  • Purple Possibilities

Clockwise from left to right:

Hydrangea, roses, sweet peas and grape hyacinth

Lavender Freesia with white roses and pittosporum

Bridal Bouquet: “Cool Water” roses. Attendants: “Akito” white  roses.

Wedding Favors: “Lavender” Garden Glass Gel Candle (available through our website)

Bridal Bouquet: “Virginia” roses with sweet peas. Attendants: Peonies, bouvardia, sweet peas, and lilac

Lavender lisianthus with white roses and pittosporum

Vanda “Rothchild” Orchids, blue hydrangea and agapanthus

Peonies, freesia, lambs ear, star of Bethlehem, viburnum, astilbe and cymbidium orchids

White roses, purple lisianthus, white freesia and pittosporum

“Flame” calla lilies, purple hydrangea, orange mokara orchids, dark red dahlias, and hypericum berries

Invitation: Wedding Scroll: deep plum (available through our website)

Center Photo: Invitation with Bouquet of peonies, freesia, lambs ear, star of Bethlehem, viburnum, astilbe and cymbidium orchids.

  • Purple Boutonniere Options

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  • Peach Bouquets:

Clockwise from left to right:

“Osiana” Peach roses with lilac and tuberose

White hydrangea, peach roses, green viburnum, peach freesia and geranium foliage

“Osiana” Peach roses with babies breath

Peach and crème roses and peach ranunculus

Golden peach roses, sweet peas, and cotinus foliage

Peach roses, green viburnum and star of Bethlehem

Pink, peach and crème roses, ranunculus and tuberose

White calla lilies, peach stock blossoms, green roses, white hydrangea and seeded eucalyptus

“Sahara” roses, pink roses and white mini calla lilies with white hydrangea

“Osiana” Peach roses

Parrot tulips, sweet peas, poppies and hyacinth

Peach roses, white hydrangea and pearled stephanotis

Center Photo: Cosmos, sweet peas and daffodils.

  • Peach Boutonnieres

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Clockwise from left to right:

Corsage: miniature yellow roses with acacia

Centerpiece: yellow lilies with alstromeria, solidago and yellow button mums in a glass cube

Centerpiece: yellow roses and white stock blossoms in lemon lined glass vase

Bridal Bouquet: yellow tulips

Cake Flowers: yellow roses, orange miniature gerberas and lilies

Bridal Bouquet: Yellow garden and standard roses, white poppies, ornamental kale, white tulips, and ranunculus

Cake Flowers: yellow gerberas, white mini calla lilies, and white hydrangea

Bridal Bouquet: Yellow and crème roses, white freesia, tulips and sweet peas

Bridal Bouquet: Red, orange, yellow, amber and “Jade” green roses

Boutonnière: Yellow calla lily with red hypericum berries

Centerpiece: Yellow roses in ceramic vase

Bouquet: yellow gerbera daisies

Center Photo: Bridal Bouquet-shades of yellow roses with hydrangea

Clockwise from left to right:

Yellow cymbidium orchid

Orange mokara orchids

Starfish with reindeer moss

Green dendrobium orchid with teal trim

Cymbidium orchid and rose

Yellow miniature rose with plaid ribbon

Yellow calla lily with Italian ruscus and bear grass

Crème gerbera daisy

White freesia

White ranunculus and bells of Ireland

“Circus” rose with red hypericum berries and rosemary

White rose with seeded eucalyptus

Center Photo: Yellow calla lilies with red hypericum berries

Clockwise from left to right:

Bells of Ireland, white stock blossoms, and white lisianthus

Pink lisianthus, pink roses, green “Kermit” poms, and pink hydrangea

White hydrangea, lilac, ranunculus, roses, and lisianthus

Eucharist lilies, snowberries, fiddle fern fronds and sword fern

White roses, star of Bethlehem, iris, calla lilies and hypericum berries

White roses, green cymbidium orchids, and green mini hydrangea

Green hydrangea, white roses, green hypericum berries, and ranunculus

Green antique hydrangea with green dendrobium orchid accents

Chocolate cosmos, fiddle fern fronds, white gladiola blooms, and star of Bethlehem

White iris, pittosporum, ladies mantle, blue iris, and Italian pittosporum

Green hydrangea

Boutonniere: white mini calla lily with bells of Ireland

Center Photo: “Terra Cotta” roses, “Orange Unique” roses, ladies mantle, orange mokara orchids, and pin cushion protea

Clockwise from left to right:

White freesia and green berries

Rosemary wreath

Stephanotis blossoms with jasmine vine

Dusty miller, astilbe, hypericum berries, and variegated ivy leaf,

White mini calla lilies with scented geranium foliage

White lilac

Green “Kermit” poms with hypericum berries

Green cymbidium orchid

Seeded eucalyptus and leaf

Lily of the valley and wheat

White mini calla lily with bells of Ireland

Green hypericum berries and variegated greenery

Center Photo: green dendrobium orchid and Italian ruscus

Descriptions Coming soon!

  • Blue remains one of the more popular color themes among today’s brides. Unfortunately nature gives us very little variety to work with. Some of the most common blue flowers include: hydrangea, delphinium (hybrid and standard),  hyacinth, grape muscari, tweedia, scabioisa, iris and statice to name a few. Call us for more suggestions!

Chocolate and Blue is only one color combination that is defining today’s weddings. We have also seen a lot of bright and pale yellow used along with shades of blue for a nautical or preppy themed wedding. Hot pink and turquoise blue are excellent choices for a Caribbean or Latin feel. The options are endless. Call us for more suggestions or guidance.

Maybe you have heard the news? The world’s first “blue rose” was developed through the application of Suntory’s original biotechnology in Japan recently. Florigene, an Australian company, know best for their lavender and purple carnations, is working in conjunction with Suntory to bring this unique variety to market within 2-3 years.

  • But don’t get too excited. The cost will be substantially higher than we may care to pay. Additionally, the rose is actually a bit more lavender than blue at this stage. Still, once again, science proves to influence our lives and flowers more than we know. We’ll keep you posted.

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